Tue 27 July: Maumee OH to Portage IN

The weather’s been beautiful today – too warm, even, in the afternoon. We have, as planned, stuck to the main roads to scoot across northern Indiana to our night’s destination just south of Chicago.

So no pictures from today, I’m afraid, nor scenery of great interest to report. Just a couple of musings.

We’ve done much better this year on staying hydrated. In both previous tours there’s been at least one day on which we got dangerously dehydrated. The worst one was Custer State Park last year, which we blithely entered on the assumption that there’d be ice cold Coke every few miles. After all, there is everywhere else in America. But not so. We quickly finished our bottle of water and laboured on for several hours before we left the park and found a restaurant. Iced tea has never tasted so good.

And you do get very dry on a motorcycle. The heat of the leathers and crash helmet makes you perspire freely, and the airflow at 50 plus mph evaporates it very efficiently.

So we now always carry at least a litre of water. Even tepid water is a blessing when you’re that thirsty. But the discovery for us this holiday has been the delights of Frappuccino. Yes, I know it’s been around for ages, but we’re creatures of habit. A tall skinny latte for Jean and a double espresso for me is our standard order. The other day, finding ourselves in a service station and debating whether to have coffee then icecream or icecream then coffee, I took the plunge. It has to be the touring motorcyclist’s ideal drink. Really cold, liquid, slightly sweet, like a coffee flavoured slush puppy. Mmmmm.

I’ll post something about the weather tomorrow. Don’t want to tempt fate tonight!

So tomorrow we take one or other expressway through or past Chicago to Delavan WI, where we’re staying. If we’re there early enough, we’ll take the bikes back to Cycles Plus and transfer to the car for our trip up to see our friends in La Crosse on Thursday.

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