Start of the new caravan season

The Unicorn is booked in for its second birthday service next week, which marks the start of the new season. Big one this year with a full heating fluid change and a refrigerator service too. Luckily we have Mark Caravan Medic on the case.


The first job was to remove the cover. This was the first time that we’d used it, and found it a bit of a brute to get on. But taking it off was much easier, apart from the litre or so of freezing dirty water that I managed to decant down myself.

This year we’re trying a new awning. It’s attached semi-permanently to the side of the van, rolled up into a bag:


It fits into the awning rail so it can be removed, but neither of us would welcome the prospect of doing so. It took an hour of pushing and pulling whilst perched on stepladders to position it as we wanted it. It looked so easy in the instructional video. What they don’t tell you that the two guys demonstrating the installation on the film are nearly 7 feet tall and both won medals for weightlifting!

Anyway, we did it. Next step will be to try it out including the front and side panels. It’s a Thule Omnistor 1200 for you caravan buffs out there.


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  1. Thanks for the tag – John 🙂

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