The local jeunesse doree

We had a call on Sunday that the apiary had been vandalised. Sure enough, the screen fence has been smashed down and two beehives pushed over. One of the other beekeepers discovered it, and reinstated the hives, at some cost in stings.

I guess that we’ll repair the fence in due course. It’s probably better not to do so immediately, lest the vandals find the site a source of even greater entertainment – “they kinda build it up, like, man, innit, and we break it down, know what I mean? Tacticaaal!”.

I’m pondering whether to report it to the police. On the one hand, if I do, they’ll mock me, which will do nothing for my blood pressure. On the other hand, if I don’t, and one of these exemplars of modern education gets stung to death, I’ll probably be thrown in the slammer on a murder charge.

One response to “The local jeunesse doree

  1. It’s time for the “African Killer Bees” labels, then?

    PS: Jeunesse doree is outdated. The term you’re looking for is “racaille” 😉

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