Musée Maurice Dufresne

During our holiday, my brother in law saw a poster for the Maurice Dufresne Motor Museum. I have to say that I wasn’t hugely enthusiastic; from experience I imagined handing over a fistful of Euros to a grumpy peasant in bleu de travail, who would wave us into a yard to see a couple of Citroen Dianes which were clearly an active part of his puppy farming operation.

But not a bit of it. It’s a wonderland. I’m glad we went.

It’s an eclectic mix of machinery, from agricultural tractors and bean hulling machines …

… to early combine harvesters …

… through road rollers and shunting engines …

… to a Bleriot ‘plane …

… and, of course, veteran cars …

… and even some not so veteran ones. M. Dufresne obviously had a taste for the vulgar. He drove this expansive Buick himself for 8 years:

Finally I was touched to see that a car that I had myself driven and enjoyed immensely was on display. A Rover 2600.

Old, moi?

More photos here: Dufresne Museum on Flickr. If you get a chance, go. It’s near Azay le Rideau. Here’s the link (in English): Musee Dufresne

2 responses to “Musée Maurice Dufresne

  1. Heather Norman Soderlind

    Rolf and I visited Beaulieu Motor Museum last summer with Steve and there, among the ancient 20th century artefacts, to my chagrin, was a Hillman Imp!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. With over 4000 steam & diesel & vintage machinery exhibits, it took us 6 HOURS to see it all!
    Thank heavens for the bar & restaurant.
    By far the best museum of traditional machinery & transport we have
    visited anywhere!

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