We went to the Fed

aka the National Federation of Poultry Clubs Championship Show. I know that we’d only recently been to the National Show, but we were keen to further our knowledge, and the Fed is if anything even larger than the National.

And another jolly nice day it was. It was very similar to the National, about which I’ve recently written, so this entry is more of a story in pictures …

The entrance to the show, not yet busy as we arrived

The main hall. There are two smaller halls for rare breeds, plus one for waterfowl and sales

"Championship Row" and some absolutely gorgeous specimens

We made straight for the Ixworths, of course. But once again, there were only three.

It's not all chickens. There were some very handsome turkeys ...

... one of whom was posing very nicely for the professional cameras.

By the time we got to the sales hall, it was quite late in the morning. We hadn’t realised that sales finished by 1pm, so most of the birds had not only been sold, but taken away. But there were still some lovely breeding pairs and trios remaining, and at reduced prices, too. Certainly these shows are the places to buy really good stock, even if it’s a few bob more expensive, or at least to contact the best breeders. Not that we’re thinking of expanding, oh, no …

As we left the sales area, it had almost emptied of birds

We had a good look at some more “utility” (meat and eggs) breeds, especially the British ones. I showed some Norfolk Greys in the posting about the National, but here are two more:

Derbyshire Redcaps. They really need proper free range, though.

Lincolnshire Buffs. Now there's a traditional looking chicken!

And as we finally left, I’d managed to resist buying any expensive gadgets. Just a bag of specialist feed. Well, you can’t come away completely empty-handed, now can you?

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