Catching up with the chickens

I’m afraid that I’ve rather neglected the blog in recent weeks, so this is something of a catch-up. The snow and very cold nights inhibited the other two hens from coming into lay, so we still only have senior hen laying at a steady rate of two eggs every three days. The much milder weather that followed the wintry spell hasn’t yet persuaded either of the others to start again, although all three are the object of much attention from the cockerel.

They hated the snow. I understand that most chickens do, although there are exceptions. Even sunflower seed kernels wouldn’t tempt them.

What they particularly appreciated was a warm breakfast and a warm supper. Porridge mixed with frozen corn and yoghurt. Mmmmmmm.

As soon as the snow had gone, we refreshed the run with some nice hardwood chippings, and they cheered up enormously!

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