Fuzzy duck

Three ducklings had hatched by this morning. A fourth had started to emerge, but sadly it looks as if it hasn’t made it. Six eggs to go.

We transferred the three into the brooder under the nice warm electric hen. They are much less lively than the chicks we hatched a month ago. They didn’t take much interest in the food and water until later in the day, and they don’t scamper about as much. Maybe that’s just one of the differences between chickens and ducks!

Here they are earlier on, huddled in the corner because I’d briefly lifted the electric hen for a photo opportunity.

You can see that we’ve got two darker, striped ones, and one yellow one. Here they are a couple of hours later.

By late afternoon, they’d fluffed up even more. I guess that this is about as cute as it gets!

More (I hope) tomorrow …

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