The broody is happy: one more chick

The broody hen’s long wait wasn’t in vain. Last weekend she hatched just one chick. She’d been sitting on four eggs, but the other three didn’t come to anything.

Chicks are small, of course, but this one looks especially tiny by the side of its mother.

We’re slightly sad that there’s only the one. We had thought that we might transfer the hatch to the brooder after a few days, so that they’d be out of danger from the others, but it would be unkind to do that to a single chick. So we’re providing chick crumbs and plain water in suitable containers and letting them get on with it.

So far, at least, mum is keeping a close guard on her offspring.

One response to “The broody is happy: one more chick

  1. Oh bless, how lovely and what a shame (both at once!). Hope Norman gets on OK. Hxx

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