Blackmoor Apple Tasting Day

Blackmoor Apple Day has become an annual pilgrimage for us, keenly looked forward to as summer turns to autumn. Most of our fruit trees are from Blackmoor Nurseries; most, not all, only because we inherited a line of mature trees on the allotment.

You can see the green gazebos where the apple tasting
takes place in the background of this picture:

I wasn’t allowed to buy any more trees. But even I will admit that we do have plenty at the moment. Our last purchase was a quince, which hasn’t fruited yet, but maybe next year …

Back at the show, as well as the apple (and pear) tasting, there are always fascinating demonstrations of country crafts, which we’re particularly interested in. Here’s a “bodger” working at a shaving horse. Last year there was a demonstration of a pole lathe. Until you try it, you don’t realise how skillful these guys are. It’s not as easy as they make it look!

Blacksmithing …

and wood carving …

One of the annual attractions is the Morris Dancing. They’re always full of enthusiasm, and this year they encouraged members of the audience to join in. Jean used to be a member of a North West Morris team, so she was “volunteered”. She’s in the centre of the pictures in a light blue coat.

As you can see, everyone had a thoroughly good time. We didn’t do the tour of the nursery this year, although we have in previous years. If you grow fruit, it’s very educational. No matter how experienced you are, you can always learn from the experts.

I was allowed to buy some pears. Comice and Concorde. I’m going to make pear butter, and our latest speciality, pear and pecorino icecream. But more of that another time.

One response to “Blackmoor Apple Tasting Day

  1. Many thanks for the picture of our Trug stand.Very good show again,wasn’t it?

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