Organoleptic testing of the Ixworths

We culled a couple of the cockerels at the end of August, leaving the one that looked as though it conformed best to Ixworth breed standards.

I know that this is a subject that can upset people, but we chose the Ixworths because they are a utility breed, and so they’re for meat as well as eggs.

We’d been on a course so that we understood how to despatch the birds humanely, and how to pluck and draw them properly. Thanks to Alison Wilson at Hook Farm.

Here’s the end product:

Because this was the first one that we’d cooked, we roasted it very plainly, with just a little rub of olive oil. It was absolutely delicious – chicken as it used to be. Some people think that home-produced chicken can be tough, but thanks to Alison’s instructions on letting the bird rest before drawing it, this was just firm, but not at all chewy.

A real success, and a real treat. Next year I might try raising some special purpose meat birds. We’ll have plenty of laying hens by then.

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