First hatch of the year

We’re very late this year (been having the kitchen done, which rather put other projects in the shade), but at last we’re hatching some Ixworth chicks.

We put 20 eggs in the R-com on Friday 24th May, so tomorrow lunchtime makes it exactly 21 days. We have 3 early arrivals:


You can see other eggs that are pipping just in front of the rightmost chick. As I’ve been typing this, there are signs of breathing from one of them.

We were originally a bit concerned about our cockerel. He makes plenty of noise, and looks a fine fellow, but the big question remained unanswered about his fertility – until now. Of the original 20 eggs, 18 were viable after 8 days. Even the two rejects had started to develop, but then failed. We don’t yet know how many of the 18 remaining eggs will hatch, but our first three chicks look and sound like good strong specimens.

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