A new home for Tomos

I’ve been trying to find a home for Tomos for quite a while now. Tomos is a moped, originally bought for our son to ride to school when he was sixteen. It’s an AT50, built in Austria in 1991.


Although, like all mopeds, Tomos has extremely modest performance, I think it’s rather a handsome machine. It seems to have been styled along the lines of the Kawasaki motorcycles of the era. It has proper motorcycle controls, just a bit smaller.

One of our nephews has taken to motorcycling, and has a “twist and go” scooter, which he loves. So he’s going to give Tomos a new home, and keep it as a classic bike.

I’m afraid that Tomos has been ignored for several years at the back of one of our sheds. It’s survived the experience relatively unscathed, with just a bit of rust on the brake-lines. A bit of a service, and it’ll be good to go! It has only 1100 miles on the clock. When we bought the bike it was unused. The original owner had bought it to preserve a cherished number plate, and hadn’t actually ridden it.


3 responses to “A new home for Tomos

  1. Hello fellow at50 owner!
    There’s not many! Mine is an ’90 H rev. Black. No decals though. Bought (as they all were in the UK) from Woolworths. Made in what’s now Croatia, assembled in Holland (as the data plate says) and shipped, restricted to 30 in the UK as at50’s, and the rest of the world unrestricted and capable of 52, as the bt50. There’s a overbored “bt90s” on YouTube doing 160kph. I’ve got spares. Illustrated spare parts book in English, and more.

  2. Hi! Did you manage to find a home for this in the end?

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