A few bantams more

We saw a post on the Practical Poultry Forum which told a sad story. A predator had wiped out a flock of bantams, leaving only three survivors. The young lady who kept them wanted to find a new home for them. They sounded lovely, so today we picked them up and introduced them to our existing flock.

So we have another Wyandotte, a silver pencilled one this time. She’s being given the once-over by our senior hens, the chocolate Wyandotte and the white Silkie:


There’s also a black frizzled Poland with a black and white crest. You can see her at the back of the next picture at the drinker.


And last but not least, a golden Sebright. This is the first one we’ve had. She’s tiny, but a very handsome bird. Our fellow chicken keepers out on the allotment this afternoon admired her very much.


How well will they integrate? First impressions were good. We put them in the house to start with, but they soon came out to mix with the established flock. The black Poland clearly takes no prisoners, and the Wyandotte too gives as good as she gets. The little Sebright might get picked on, but her agility and flightiness should enable her to avoid any bullying.

As the sun set we left them to it. More tomorrow!

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