More Ixworths arrive at the Allotment

Our current Ixworth flock is getting on in years, and it seems a good idea to introduce some new blood into the breeding. On the Ixworth Breeders group that we belong to, someone was selling their breeding flock, plus a few not quite so pure bred ones, so we jumped in and bought them.

It took a trip up to North Norfolk to collect them. Nostalgic for us, since we lived in Norwich when our children were very young, and so the trip brought back many good memories.

New Ixworths 002a

Integrating the flocks wasn’t too difficult, although it was a bit crowded at first. Six of the hens were destined for an allotment neighbour and fellow poultry keeper. Two are to make up the numbers in our daughter’s small flock.

We’ve culled our cockerel, and replaced him with the new lad that you can see in the next picture.

New Ixworths 003a

And of course the bantams are still going. We haven’t lost any this winter, although a couple died during the very hot summer weather last year. We might supplement them, too, later in the year.

New Ixworths 005a

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