We have some new bantams

We went back to the very excellent Orchard Poultry to buy a few more bantams. Not for breeding, just to supplement our ornamental flock. And, after losing our silkie during last winter, we’ve learnt the lesson that the breeds must not be too tender for cold damp conditions.

Here are our five newcomers, getting accustomed to their new quarters before being integrated with the existing birds.

Bantams 047a

So let me introduce you to them individually. First up, a red Pekin. Love those feathered feet:

Bantams 012a

Bantams 015a

A silver spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben, named after the lace bonnets worn in the Appenzell region of Switzerland, its country of origin.

Bantams 016a

Bantams 018a

We shouldn’t have favourites, even amongst chickens, but we both fell in love with this handsome girl – a rare Buff Sussex.

Bantams 022a

And in this picture, the Buff Sussex is on the right, and the red Pekin is showing off her feathered feet on the left.

Bantams 024a

We added a silver spangled Hamburg …

Bantams 027a

Bantams 043a

… and last but not least, a cross between an Araucana and a barred Plymouth Rock. She may or may not lay green-shelled eggs. We shall see!

Bantams 029a

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