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Thule Omnistor 1200

It’s taken a while for its first outing, but at the end of last season we bought a second-hand Thule Omnistor 1200 awning. I mentioned it in a blog entry at the beginning of February, when we fitted it, albeit not without a struggle!

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A little trip to Southwold

We took the opportunity of a short break before the busy Easter break to take the caravan to Suffolk and for me to indulge in a little fishing expedition. And jolly nice it was.

We stayed at Heathside in Wenhaston, not far from Southwold. When I say that we had the place to ourselves, that was literally true.

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Planning a new adventure

We regularly go to the caravan show, but this time it was with a new project in mind. A few years ago we toured the American Midwest and the Great Lakes on motorcycles. Rather than hire the bikes, we bought them, and enjoyed three years of touring before selling them on. We had great holidays on bikes that suited us, and all for less money than we’d have spent on motorcycle hire alone.

Well, we’re thinking of repeating the exercise, but this time with a motorhome, and basing ourselves in California rather than Wisconsin. Provided we’re not too ambitious by going for anything too new or too luxurious, we can again do a series of hols for around half the cost of hiring, and probably with a more suitable vehicle into the bargain.

The Caravan Club was offering free “tasters” of motorhome manoeuvring. Jean went first …

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Start of the new caravan season

The Unicorn is booked in for its second birthday service next week, which marks the start of the new season. Big one this year with a full heating fluid change and a refrigerator service too. Luckily we have Mark Caravan Medic on the case.

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Caravan hibernation

Ages ago we bought a custom-built cover for our new caravan. We didn’t get round to using it last winter – we seemed to be using the van too frequently.

But we probably won’t be out and about now until February, so on it went.

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We’re on holiday in the Loire, one of our favourite places. This time we’re staying near Blois, further to the north-east than our normal pitch south of Tours. We’re at a campsite just outside the village of Candé-sur-Beuvron.

160904 Blois 068a
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Hadrian’s Wall

It was dry but windy as we walked to the nearby section of Hadrian’s Wall at Walltown. It was a bit of a hike, since the only sections of the wall that haven’t been completely cannibalised for building stones tend to be in rather inaccessible places.

160525 Walltown 010a

Yes, it’s on top of that cliff in the distance. At this point I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it!
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The Roman Army Museum

We left our chicken and leek casserole in the Mr D’s Thermal Cooker, and went out exploring for the day. We started at the Roman Army Museum. I must say that I do admire these modern museum layouts. Plenty of audio and video, and a focus on the life of the subjects, not just the provenance of the archaeological finds. This approach is probably designed to appeal to children, but, hey, it works for me too!

Just a few of the exhibits that caught my eye:



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Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

I think that I mentioned in my post about the 2016 Caravan Show that we bought a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker, saying that we’d try it out asap.

Actually this was the first time that we used it, so no trial run. But I have to say that it worked brilliantly.

160524 Vindolanda 001a
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Howick Hall Gardens and Craster

Our Northumbrian trip wasn’t only dedicated to Roman antiquities. We took time to drive over to Howick Hall, seat of Earl Grey of tea fame, where the gardens are open to the public.

The gardens and arboretum are designed such that different parts flourish at different time of year, so there’s always something different to see.

The wildflower and tulip gardens were still beautiful ...

The wildflower and tulip gardens were still beautiful …

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