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Ducks Deluxe

We candled the ten duck eggs that we’re incubating on behalf of our friend Salvador. To our great delight, all ten are fertile and developing well. You can just about see the embryo and the web of veins that extends around the yolk.

Duck eggs take 28 days to hatch, and today is day 8, so the hatching date will be Sunday 22nd April.

Incubation 8 days in

Well, we candled our eggs after 8 days. I suppose that it depends whether you’re a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty sort of person as to whether the results were good or poor. Of our 17 eggs, 8 are developing normally.

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Our first egg incubation

I’d planned to have started incubating our first batch of eggs by the end of February. If all three hens were laying, we should be able to collect 14 or so eggs in a week, which would make a reasonable load for our 20 egg incubator.

Alas, only senior hen is laying. The other two have seemed on the brink of starting to lay for weeks now, but no actual action. So I ordered eggs from two breeders, one in Lincolnshire, the other in Argyll & Bute. So there are 6 each of theirs plus 5 of ours in the incubator.

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