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Allotment harvest: sweetcorn

Working an allotment sorts the “glass half empty” folk from the “glass half full” ones. Every year some crops fail or are disappointing. Every year some things succeed brilliantly.

This year, one of the crops that has given us a great harvest is sweetcorn. Here’s last night’s supper, picked just a couple of hours before:

Sweetcorn 001a
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Fruit and some veg

Mostly pictures on this blog entry. Jean has been in a frenzy of planting out, and I’ve been doing a bit of strimming and cultivating (with much more to do, I know, I know). But the damp warm conditions have been ideal for seedlings, so we’re optimistic for this year. Here’s a walk round our allotment sites:

The "new bit" is almost fully planted now

The “new bit” is almost fully planted now

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