Motorcycle Live aka the Motorbike Show

We normally go to the NEC Motorbike Show, known this year as Motorcycle Live, with a shopping list. At the least we always seem to need clothing, new helmets, perhaps boots and gloves. Sometimes we’re researching a new bike for one or other of us. But this time we had nothing at all on the list, and so simply sauntered round the halls looking at whatever caught our fancy. It could be classics like these

or simply a pair of shoes. These caught Jean’s eye

We marvelled at the mighty BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL – a mighty 6 cylinder luxo-barge

I don’t think I’ll be upgrading from the K1300S any time soon. These super-tourers are formidable, and I’m sure are super comfy, but just look at the switchgear on the latest Goldwing

And even so, the Goldwing was surrounded by enthusiasts discussing how they’d added yet more fairy lights to their machines. Maybe we just don’t get it. Or maybe we remember the excesses of the past and are justifiably nervous!

There were a lot of scooters and commuter machines. A couple of years ago I had a test ride on a Vectrix electric scooter and liked it very much, except for the very high price. They’re getting cheaper though. How about this at £2,200 with Li Ion batteries?

And plenty of cruisers, too. After our American adventures, we’ve probably ridden our fill of these rather agonising bikes, but they certainly look the part.

Is the guy on the left spellbound listening to the specification of the bike, or is he wondering whether that beard could possibly be real?

This couple were also K1300S riders, and were laughing at the sheer bulk of Triumph’s Rocket III

There wasn’t a preview day this year, so Saturday was the first day, attracting the press and of course the promo girls. Actually it wasn’t too unbalanced; a few years ago we wondered whether we’d strayed into the glamour girls show which just happened to have a few motorbikes scattered around as props. Carole Nash Insurance, who sponsor the show, had some of the more attractive young ladies. Here they are, posing for the press.

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