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Motorcycle Live aka the Motorbike Show

We normally go to the NEC Motorbike Show, known this year as Motorcycle Live, with a shopping list. At the least we always seem to need clothing, new helmets, perhaps boots and gloves. Sometimes we’re researching a new bike for one or other of us. But this time we had nothing at all on the list, and so simply sauntered round the halls looking at whatever caught our fancy. It could be classics like these

or simply a pair of shoes. These caught Jean’s eye

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The Great Lakes Tour 2010

This year, our American tour is planned around the Great Lakes.  We’ll pick up the bikes from our good friends at Cycles Plus in Elkhorn WI and travel clockwise staring with the western shore of Lake Michigan, the north of Lake Superior (which will take us into Canada), continuing along the northern edge of Lake Huron, then southwards to Niagara Falls (a must see), then the southern shore of  Lake Erie, and cross country to the south east shore of Lake Michigan before returning to Elkhorn.  We won’t go around Lake Ontario, but we’ll see it, of course, at Niagara Falls.