Once on a trip to France we discovered a wine called Seigneurie d’Arse. It was a just about drinkable Fitou, and we made a joke of presenting friends and family with bottles of it on our return.

This year’s amusing label is …

A pale rosé from Provence. Luckily I’ve learnt a bit of caution over the years and instead of buying a couple of cases, we thought we’d try just one bottle, hoping that, nicely chilled, it would make a pleasant aperitif.

Alas, it’s aptly named. One mouthful and you break into uncontrollable swearing. So, apologies to those who might have had expectations of a bottle or two. But believe you me, you really wouldn’t have liked it.

One response to “Tourettes

  1. That wine is cursed. Didn’t you know?

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