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Gadget rehabilitation: the Magimix

I have to admit that when it comes to cooking, I’m in Gadget Heaven. But I’ve noticed that one old faithful has become rather neglected of late – the Magimix food processor.

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Kitchen Blender Spot the Difference

My new toy was delivered today.


The old one is the white machine on the left, the new is the black one on the right.
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Vegan Raw Wraps

And no, I hadn’t heard of them until recently either. But they’ve been a bit of a foodie fashion item recently, because they’re raw(-ish), gluten-free, and of course, being vegan, dairy and egg free too. They’re a substitute for a flour tortilla or similar, but the nearest they get to flour is the inclusion of flax flour (linseed flour) or psyllium husk as a binding agent.

To get an idea of what they should look like, see Raw Wraps. My efforts are a bit clunkier. So far at least …

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Scandinavian Bread (1) Inspiration

For the next step on my baking journey, I’m going to have a go at Scandinavian flatbreads.

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Venison Prep at the Game Fair

We spent an enjoyable hour watching a “field to table” demonstration at the Ragley Hall Game Fair. The demo was given by Jose Souto, keen stalker and chef, and Mike Robinson, restaurateur and game enthusiast.

Game Fair 031a

And before going further, if you’re squeamish about butchery, you might want to skip this particular blog entry!
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Flour …

I’ve written about the flour from the excellent Stoate’s Mill before. It really is fantastic for both yeasted breads and sourdoughs. We’ve always managed to visit the mill in person for our previous purchases, and it’s worth a detour for its picturesque setting. But this time we have no scheduled journeys anywhere near, so mail order it was.

Very good service from Big Barn, who handle the orders. But to our horror, although our 8kg bags of rye and malted flours were fine, the 25kg bag was apparently wholemeal, not the strong white that we’d ordered.

Flour n flood 005a
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Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

I think that I mentioned in my post about the 2016 Caravan Show that we bought a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker, saying that we’d try it out asap.

Actually this was the first time that we used it, so no trial run. But I have to say that it worked brilliantly.

160524 Vindolanda 001a
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Camping and Caravan Show 2016

We went to the show again. Even though we didn’t have anything that we wanted to buy, least of all a new caravan. But it’s always fun just to have a snoop around and see what’s new.

Caravan Show 019a
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Soft Ice Cream

At Christmas time we often make ice cream for friends and family as a small gift. This year we did two flavours: a really traditional French vanilla ice cream, rich with egg yolks and filled with home-grown damsons, and a simpler coffee ice cream without egg yolks. Both are delicious, but like most home-made ices they tend to get overly hard in the freezer and need to soften slightly before serving.

Ice Cream 002a
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Turning over a new Tea Leaf

In spite of my love of coffee, we drink lots of tea. For many years we’ve bought Ceylon tea from Robert Wilson, and have loved every drop. We’ve currently got a bag of Hellbodde Estate on the go, which is one of our favourites.

But today was a revelation. Up to now we’ve not been making our tea properly, which is a shame. But wow, now that we’ve discovered the secret, is it good!

Enter the Sage Tea Maker.

Teamaker 003a
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