King James Bible

We’ve now done our King James Version 400th anniversary Bible readings. It was more fun than we’d imagined. Wednesday was the better day, because the weather was fine and we got a fair few visitors. Here’s Jean getting stuck in to Jeremiah Chapter 51:

But it was also the least popular day for readers. When we arrived for our two hour stint, the next two hours were unsubscribed. So we ended up reading the final two chapters of Jeremiah, all five chapters of Lamentations (which are surprisingly good to read aloud), and 35 chapters of Ezekiel. At one point we were asked to swap over to the other station because another reader wanted access to the children’s play area for his daughter, so we traded two or three chapters of Ezekiel for two or three chapters of Samuel. Phew! We were ready for a cuppa and a sandwich by the time we got home.

Today was much quieter. It was showery and, during our stint at least, we got no visitors. But there were no gaps in the schedule, so we didn’t need to do any more. Chronicles is full of genealogies, but we’d rehearsed the pronunciations, so we finished our 1 hour allocation in 40 minutes.

Here I am sorting out my Eliezers from my Eleazars:

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