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Rediscovering handwriting

Let me say first of all that I’m not a pen collector nor a “penthusiast” and have no intention of becoming one. It started when we were asked to encourage our eldest grandchild to improve her writing by sending occasional letters and postcards to which she could reply.

Of course, like most people these days, we type the vast majority of our written material, right down to shopping lists and calendar entries. But after a couple of goes with a ball-point and some experimentation with computerised script fonts, I thought it might be nice to use an old-fashioned fountain pen. I managed to find an unused but fairly cheap corporate logo pen in a desk drawer, but now I’ve bought this:

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The delicious city of Hamburg

Apart from our troubled channel crossings, we had a most lovely weekend in Hamburg. We explored a few places off the beaten track with our expert guide aka our son Philip.

Whilst we waited for him on Friday, we started with a gentle stroll around part of the Alster Lake.

Hamburg 001a
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Father’s Day? Segway!

I was given a fantastic Father’s Day present by my son, whom we were visiting in Hamburg. A Segway tour of the city. I cannot describe how much fun it was, and indeed how easy and natural the Segway is to ride.

We were lucky that the English language version of the tour on Sunday afternoon was undersubscribed, so instead of the usual 8 participants, the three of us had a guide to ourselves.

First faltering steps ...

First faltering steps …

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… and Floods

While I was happily making bread, the heavens opened with probably the biggest downpour we’ve seen in all the years that we’ve lived here. I was alerted to the flooding by an ominous gurgling sound from the ground floor loo, as the water overwhelmed the storm drains and foul drains too. Sure enough our little close was under water, and the lowest-lying house was inundated.

Flour n flood 001a
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Droning On

One of my most entertaining Christmas presents was a drone. A Hubsan X4, which is a beginner’s quadcopter. It was remarkably easy to get it flying, more or less straight out of the box.

Drone 001a
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Christmas Ham

We normally cook something for cold meat sandwiches just before Christmas. It might be brisket, or a pâté, or, as this year, a ham. I’ve just had a “carver’s perk” from this one, which is a particularly delicious mild cure.

Christmas ham 002a
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We won superb Blackacre Farm eggs!

I entered a competition run by the very excellent Blackacre Farm, producers of fine free-range eggs. And won!

The prize was a very generous six dozen “Waddling Free” duck eggs.

Blackacre 005a
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