The chicks are a week old

Well, one of them is. Most will be one week old tomorrow. Here they are on Monday, when most were 3 days old. They’re still at the “bundle of fluff” stage, but growing rapidly. We’ve progressed from food and water in a saucer to a proper chick feeder and drinker.

But by today, they’re starting to lose their fluff and develop wing feathers. And we’ve already moved up another size in drinkers!

We’re beginning to think ahead to when they can go out on sunny days into the back garden. I guess that I’d better crack on and assemble a foxproof run for them.

Oh, and as a postscript, the incubator is occupied again. Not with hens’ eggs this time, but duck eggs, on behalf of one of our friends at the allotment. Ten eggs went in on Sunday evening, and we’ll be candling them next Monday evening. These are new birds to him, so all we know is that the drake has been covering his mate. Whether the pair of them are fertile, we’ve yet to establish. Watch this space!

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