Chicks and Chickens

The chicks are two weeks old. They are developing beautifully; their wing feathers are now complemented by emerging tail feathers. Admittedly they’re also looking a bit scruffy, as they’re shedding their fluff to make way for the feathers.

The pure breed Ixworths, like the one perched on the feeder, are now noticeably smaller than the suspected commercial crosses, like those in the background.

I’m aware that I haven’t been taking so many pictures of our original quartet, so taken have I been with cute chix. To compensate, here they are, still fighting fit and enjoying life.

We’ve replaced the original 25 metre net with a 50 metre one, so they’ve got a bit more ground to scratch in. They still favour the area under the trees, though, with its shade and natural cover.

One response to “Chicks and Chickens

  1. They’re cracking looking birds and we’re really enjoying your blog.

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