A new hatch and allotment green shoots

It looks as though the long wet spell is finally coming to an end. The chickens are far happier, even though they’ve still got muddy marks on their feathers. It’s still a bit gloomy and cold to attempt to give them a bath!

The broad beans are coming into flower, although whether there are enough insects to pollinate them is a moot point. You can see in the picture that the grass has been growing successfully though. If it keeps dry I’ll fire up the strimmer for the first allotment trim of the season.

The more tender plants are in the giant cloche/mini greenhouse/plastic tent arrangement in the background.

The asparagus is struggling. Too dry early on, then too wet, now too cold. I heard on the news that the British Asparagus Festival had been cancelled. Very sad for the growers. And pretty sad for those of us for whom asparagus is the king of seasonal treats.

Ah well, maybe later in the month.

Finally, though, we’ve started a new hatch of eggs from the Ixworths. 14 of our own eggs, selected for nice shape and size, and 6 eggs bought in for a full house. The supplier that we bought from last time, and whose eggs produced some fine specimens, Tom Bryson, had been having fertility problems with his Ixworths, so he recommended Britannic Rare Breeds instead. So we have 6 eggs from them, given pride of place in the middle row of the incubator.

I’m mindful that none of the eggs from our own flock were fertile last time, but the season has moved on, and they’re laying well. I’ll report back in 8 days’ time when we candle them for fertility.

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