Quail hatch

Today was the due date for the quail to hatch. Let me start by saying that this time, unlike our poor hatch rate with the duck eggs, we’ve got a really great result. As I write, 17 of the 21 eggs have hatched successfully. Maybe we’ll get another one or two, maybe not, but I read that 75% is regarded as a good outcome for quail, so we’re very happy.

The exact due time was noon today, Saturday. We had our first arrival at around 9:30pm on Friday evening.

We watched with bated breath, since apparently quail shells are quite tough. Certainly the chicks chip around the inside of the shell very thoroughly. Here he comes:

He was joined an hour later by another early arrival:

By 5:30am there were 3, by 7am 5, and we had steady progress throughout the day. By noon, when the 17 days were exactly up, we had 11.

As the chicks have dried out and fluffed up, we’ve transferred them to the brooder. We’ve used the same procedure as for the chickens. Each chick has its beak dipped into the water to force it to drink, so that it knows where the water is. We’ve provided a dish of chick crumbs, crushed even finer with a rolling-pin to suit tiny beaks and crops. And they really are tiny. Here’s one beside the water saucer, gathering his wits before fleeing under the electric hen for warmth and security:

One response to “Quail hatch

  1. Newly hatched chicken chicks are tiny, so I can’t imagine how teeny tiny newly hatched quail must be. Looking forward to seeing more pics as they progress. Congratulations!!

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