When we took over our smaller allotment a couple of years ago, we inherited several mature fruit trees. There are three apple trees, a plum, and an apricot, all over 20 years old.

The lady who had the allotment before told us that she had never actually had an apricot from the tree in all the years since she’d planted it.

Today we got the first ones, albeit a modest enough crop:

There were around 10 fruits a month ago:

One isn’t yet ripe, and the pigeons have had the rest!

But the extraordinary weather this year has obviously just suited the apricot tree. It was fine when it flowered, warm and (very) wet when it needed it, and we’ve recently had some nice sunshine to ripen the fruit.

I’m not about to rush out and plant more apricots, peaches, and nectarines, but it shows that just occasionally it can be done.

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