Seed cake

Over the Christmas hols, we watched The Great British Bake-Off on iPlayer and were very charmed by it. Having no television, we rarely watch anything retrospectively, and certainly not a whole series. But something about this appealed. So (of course) I bought the book – Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

I make good bread, but, as I’ve remarked before, my cake and pastry making is normally dismal. Maybe things will now take a turn for the better. Jean is very fond of seed cake, so I made one, although not before checking that it was a really simple recipe:


It even tastes good, although just a tad over-baked.


I’m even quite happy with the texture, although no doubt the Bake-Off judges would have uttered the damning words, “Poor crumb!” Whether that referred to the cake or the baker I never quite worked out.

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