The essential for a good bacon sarnie

… is, of course, good bacon. We’re now curing our third piece, and it’s been a big success.


This was the first attempt, dry cured. We’ve done a brine cure, and now a further piece is dry curing. We’ve become a little more adventurous, so there’s maple syrup on the current piece, to give a slightly sweeter cure. The pork comes from real butchers, not supermarkets.

This is old-fashioned bacon. It’s quite salty by modern standards, but it’s also unbelievably delicious. No horrible white scum leaking out, as you get with even premium supermarket bacon. And the fat crisps up beautifully. No need for sauce or ketchup with this. And of course, Sunday brunch with lovely fresh eggs from our own hens is a real treat.

Just for a change, I tried a piece of salt beef. That’s worked well, too. I broke my rule about only buying meat for curing from proper butchers, because I couldn’t resist a bargain offer on silverside in the wake of the horsemeat scandal! £4 a kilo. It’s probably not the best quality, but it’s jolly nice. Tonight’s supper is freshly baked bread, a slice or two of beef, and salad. Good things, simply presented.


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