New allotment

We’ve been granted a new half allotment! Sad to say, one of the senior members at our site has finally given up. Age and failing eyesight meant that he couldn’t continue, even with the help of his family. That’s very sad, but we’re delighted to be able to take it over, or half of it. We’ll take him some strawberries from his plants and in due course some apples from his trees.

Here’s the end by the main path:


Our bit ends about two metres on the other side of the apple trees:


The whole plot was more or less a triangle, so it’s split into a broader end that’s more or less a rectangle, and a longer but narrower triangular piece. Another couple wanted the triangular piece, since it’s next to their existing plot, so we’ve got the broader end.


I’m afraid that the soil is very poor. The previous tenant hadn’t been able to dig and manure it properly for several years. Not his fault, but the result is that even the weeds aren’t thriving! So this’ll be an autumn and winter project to get ready for next year.

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