Hentastic treats

I suppose this is a bit of an unsolicited testimonial for a product called Hentastic Foraging Cake. They’re little “peck-a-block” type chicken treats, but very simply made with wheat, vegetable oil, and herbs.


To order them in bulk on-line is a bit of an investment, so I’d contented myself with bookmarking the website Hetty’s Hen House and following Hetty on Twitter Hetty & Hannah. With luck, I thought, I’d find them at a poultry show, and try a couple before committing to a whole case.

I found them at GJW Titmuss in Wheathampstead, so I got a couple of each flavour, and a holder.

We tried them first with the grown up hens at the allotment. They got a Mint & Parsley one. They didn’t fall over themselves to get at it, although by next day it had all gone. I got the feeling that such delicacies were perhaps a little too refined for our hulking Ixworths. But today, we tried a Garlic, Ginger & Herbs one in the brooder, since none of the ingredients seemed harmful to chicks, and ours are now 8 days old. I have to say that this treat has a most enticing smell. I’d left the holder at the allotment, so it just went in on the floor.

The chicks at first kept well clear. But then the bolder ones discovered that it was good to eat.


And after that there was no stopping them. You’ll have to take my word for it, but there’s a Hentastic treat in the middle of the rugger scrum in this picture:


It’s such a success that I think I’m going to have to remove it and give it back tomorrow, for fear that they’ll eat nothing else until it’s all gone. Certainly they’re ignoring their wholesome Chick Crumbs entirely. I’m glad I’m not having to share sleeping quarters with a dozen garlicky chicks under the electric hen tonight!

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