Strim, strim, bang!

We have two strimmers for use on the allotment. One is a big bad Stihl, third hand. It leaks petrol, but it’ll go through almost anything, especially with the brushcutter head attached. The other is a little Ryobi. It’s a tiny fraction of the power of the bigger one, but it’ll do delicate work on the paths between the beds where the Stihl is too big and clumsy. It’s one of these, and although they don’t have a great reputation for reliability, it’s served us well for 4 or 5 years, needing only a new head in that time.


No more. I was working my way round the long grass near the hen run, when there was a bang and a jolt and an extremely abrupt halt.

I’d picked up a piece of casually discarded baler twine from an adjacent allotment ten minutes before, which had wound itself around the drive shaft and had to be cut free with much cursing. My first thought was that I’d encountered another piece. But no sign. So I pulled on the starter, and the machine was jammed solid. Second thought was a seized motor. But closer examination showed that the clutch had let go, and driven the connector drum through the side of the casing:


I’ve just priced up the parts. £60 plus VAT, assuming that the safety interlock on the trigger isn’t damaged, which it almost certainly is. Beyond economic repair, I fear. Oh well. It’s earned its keep over the past few years.

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