The Cake and Bake Show (2)

My previous post told the story of how much we enjoyed the demonstrations at the Cake and Bake Show, to which we’d won tickets via

This post is more of a miscellany of things that caught our eye as we went round. Although we’re not skilled cakemakers, the really beautiful stands displayed the high skills of the cake decorating world.

Cake and Bake 033a

Or how about the high-tech “Wedding Cake of the Future”, that changes colour as you watch.

Cake and Bake 029a

Cake and Bake 030a

Cake and Bake 031a

Or a good old-fashioned giant chocolate fountain

Cake and Bake 011a

Meringues were obviously a high fashion item. This stall got my vote for the most beautiful logo

Cake and Bake 018a

Not to mention some rather lovely meringues

Cake and Bake 020a

The demonstrations were packed out. You needed to be there early to get a seat and a good view. Memo to self is to go on Friday next year, when it’s less crowded.

Cake and Bake 026a

These aprons, styled after vintage frocks, were hugely popular

Cake and Bake 025a

We were very taken with some of the names. You’ll need to look at their website to understand why Outsider Tart is so called.

Cake and Bake 027a

But this is pretty self-explanatory:

Cake and Bake 023a

And I liked this one because a lady who lived next door to my family when I was a small child used to be a prolific pastrycook. She’d happily explain why she was making so much, because “Ron loves pies!” And, many years on …

Cake and Bake 022a

I could go on and on. There were people selling specialist oils, people selling training courses, people selling bakeware, and above all, people selling delicious cakes and bakes.

I’ll sign off with a picture of what we brought home. The nice people at Neff gave us a cookery book when we praised the oven and hob that we’d just bought. We picked up a sample pack of malted flours from The Flour Bin. We’ll certainly be using them in future. And we bought some bannetons, baking mats, and sourdough cultures from Bakery Bits.

Show Purchases 002a

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