Ixworth chicken update

There’s no real trigger for this post, other than I haven’t shown any chicken pix for a while.

Here are this year’s hatch (known as the Year Ones):


They still aren’t fully mature. It’s becoming more obvious which are the boys and which are the girls, but the cockerels aren’t crowing yet, and of course the hens won’t come into lay until the spring.

The class of 2012 (known as the Year Twos) are beginning to feather up again after their first moult:


We’re still getting the occasional egg, but typically only every other day. No more now until the spring.

One response to “Ixworth chicken update

  1. Hi John and Jean.
    The chickens look very good,and the pig is lovely bring home the bacon.
    I will try and meet up with you the weekend.
    Terry on the allotments

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