My Little Porkie

We’ve had the first pictures of our adopted piglet:

© Karen Nethercott @Samphireshop 2013

© Karen Nethercott @Samphireshop 2013

We’ve subscribed to the My Little Porkie scheme run by the Karen Nethercott at the very wonderful Samphire.

So in around 6 or 7 months’ time, we’ll be taking delivery of quite a lot of meat, and making bacon, sausages, and paté. And maybe the odd pork pie, although I doubt they’ll reach the standard of Samphire’s delicious offerings.

I’ve toyed with the idea of converting our rarely-used barbeque into a smoker. This might just be the incentive to do it.

Via Twitter, I’ve just seen Kev Marriott’s blog, which has given us a degree of confidence in the project! If our experience is as good as Kev’s obviously was, we’ll be very happy.

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