St Albans Farmers’ Market

We went to St Albans Farmers’ Market on 10th November, Remembrance Sunday. We joined the crowd for the Remembrance Day parade. These are always moving occasions, with everyone behaving properly. No-one broke the silence.


As the parade dispersed, we took advantage of the market itself, of course. First stop was Samphire, where we bought pork pies, sausages and bacon. And were given an update on My Little Porkie!


There are some really fantastic stalls on this market. Based on good experience on our last visit, we bought Lincolnshire Poacher “Double Barrel” cheese, and a piece of Stinking Bishop from here:


And I wanted to buy some flour for breadmaking. Imbhams Farm Granary had Seeded Bread Flour:


Imbhams Farm is in Haslemere, Surrey, but we have a more local miller at Redbournbury Mill, who also have a stall, where I got a large bag of wheatmeal flour:


More on the results of baking with the flours in a later post, though.

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