More allotment prep

The weather has been kind to us. A little bit of rain just to wet the soil, followed by dry breezy days. We’ve made rapid progress on our new half allotment.

Rotavator 002a

The Honda F220 has been a miracle machine. We’ve mixed in the farmyard manure and a good helping of composted chicken manure to create beds that are good enough for planting into. There’s the threat of frost over the next couple of nights, so we’ll put off planting out our broad beans until the forecast looks more propitious. The trays of beans are under the fleece in this picture.

Rotavator 008a

We’ve started to put in a path between the two half allotments.

Rotavator 007a

Rotavator 006a

Meanwhile, back at Plot 5, the Year 1 dominant cockerel is challenging the Year 2 cock. Luckily there’s a double thickness of weldmesh between them!

Rotavator 004a

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