Allotment update

The manure arrived for Plot 13 this morning as promised. It’s been dumped on our half, and our allotment neighbours will be barrowing their share onto their half shortly. We rather benefit from this, since whatever’s left behind will be on our side!

Manure 001a

We got stuck in this afternoon and scattered approximately half the heap roughly where our new beds will go. The next step will be to rotavate the manure in and prepare the beds for planting. If there were to be just a drop of rain tonight, as forecast, with sunshine tomorrow, that would be perfect.

Manure 002a

Manure 008a

Certainly it’s a bit darker and colder today. When we finished our muck-spreading, the Year 1 chickens had already sought refuge in the house and run, and the Year 2s were queuing up to come back in. The lure of a broccoli treat might also have had something to do with it!

Manure 003a

Manure 004a

Manure 006a

On our way out, Jean couldn’t resist picking the first sticks of rhubarb from our new plot. They’ll be enjoyed with yoghurt for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Manure 009a

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