Allotment planting is under way again

After our brief absence on our Suffolk jaunt, Saturday’s weather remained kind to allow more tilling and planting. The chickens benefited from the uprooted remains of the purple sprouting broccoli:

Chickens 002a

The Honda F220 rotavator continues to be a boon. The space being rotavated here is reserved for sweetcorn:

Chickens 007a

We’ve put out the spinach seedlings next to the rhubarb on the new plot.

Allotment 001a

And Jean has also planted onion sets (under the black plastic in the foreground), and onion seedlings.

Allotment 002a

We’ve not tried growing onions from seed before, so we shall see how they progress. Certainly today’s rain will have encouraged them!

Allotment 003a

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