Sansaire Silverside

The next experiment with sous vide cooking has been very simple and very successful. Sous vide is claimed to make relatively tough “pot roast” joints tender and delicious.

I bought a piece of silverside, salted it for 18 hours, then vacuum packed it and popped it into a water bath controlled by the Sansaire. That was it – no additions other than the brief brining period. I left the customary piece of basting fat attached to the beef.

Silverside Sansaire 001a

There seems to be a lot of variation in the advice as to how to cook a thick piece of one of the less tender cuts of beef. I selected 145F, as you can see in the picture above, but later turned it down to 144F. I left the meat at that temperature for 16 hours, then cooled it rapidly and transferred it to the fridge.

It made the most wonderful tender and juicy cold beef:

Silverside Sansaire 005a

Plus we got over 300ml of jellied beef stock. Although the meat was by no means overcooked, I might try 143F next time.

4 responses to “Sansaire Silverside

  1. Very interested in your Sous Vide experiments John. My DH also sponsored a sousvide device on Kickstarter, but it was a different one to yours. Ours hasn’t arrived yet. Will be interested to compare, when it does.

    • It will indeed! Is yours the rather stylish Nomiku? I’m more and more impressed with what sous vide can do, and with the circulating heater type of machine rather than the convection water bath like the popular Sous Vide Supreme. I’ve been using the Sansaire today like a bain-marie to temper chocolate, which it did with great precision.

  2. I just did almost the exact some as you, I went for 24 hours on the same cut, I’m thinking of going for a lower temperature too,although it was very moist and tender, I’d love to see a bit more pink

  3. I’m currently using 143F for silverside or topside cuts. Taking the temperature down any further doesn’t sufficiently tenderise the collagen, so it’s a balance between juiciness and toughness.

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