A caravan trip to see Ethel the pig

There were two reasons for our trip. First was to see Ethel the little porkie before she gets turned into sausages and chops. Second was to do another caravan rehearsal before our first trip to France in a couple of weeks.

There’ll be a separate in-depth review of Ethel and all the other creatures at Sycamore Farm in my next blog entry, but meanwhile here’s a picture of the girl herself:

Gt Ellingham 016a

I’m afraid that I haven’t got many amusing stories of disasters this time. We must be getting better at preparing the caravan for travel, and getting better at setting it up at the other end. We stayed at a so-called “Certificated Location” associated with the Caravan Club. It’s a lovely little site in a small village called Great Ellingham near Norwich. Mill Farm Fisheries

Gt Ellingham 001a

By the time we’d set ourselves up, it was late lunchtime, so we ventured into nearby Attleborough to do some shopping and find some lunch. We weren’t dressed for posh lunch, so we settled for a very friendly and perfectly fine old-fashioned caff …

Gt Ellingham 007a

… where they served us hot lunch of minced beef hotpot and toad-in-the-hole respectively, all smothered in a gravy that Oxo’s Katie would have been proud of. That’s not a criticism, by the way.

After that we didn’t need a big supper. We sought out some local asparagus from here:

Gt Ellingham 005a

Delicious served simply steamed with bread and butter.

We had a couple of companions the first night, but they hardly intruded, and left the next morning. They were off to a rally in Louth, and this had been their stopover.

Gt Ellingham 004a

Our immediate neighbours were very friendly, and had a lovely van, a Bailey Unicorn Seville. Although only a two-berth van, it’s most luxurious. I want one. But then I want one of whatever nice caravan has just taken my eye, so don’t expect us to buy one any time soon!

The next day we went to see Ethel, and had a little explore of the local area. We returned to find that we had the site entirely to ourselves.

Gt Ellingham 034a

Our final morning was rainy, so we dodged the showers and got ourselves on the road by 9am for a midday arrival at our storage site.

Confident for France? Well, you never know, but we’re as well-prepped as we’re ever likely to be.

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