Chicken and redcurrants

No, not a recipe!

We’ve inherited a few old fruit bushes on the part of the allotment where we keep the chickens. We kept the bushes because the birds love to shelter under them. They’re lovely and cool and shady in the summer. We don’t give a lot of attention to the bushes, pruning them rather crudely, and let the chickens have the fruit. But this year there were so many redcurrants that we thought we might take a little share for ourselves.


They’ve still had the gooseberries and blackcurrants, but nonetheless we did give them a share of the redcurrants too. I’m not sure whether chickens love blackberries or redcurrants more, but it’s a close run thing.

Here’s Billy, being offered a sprig of redcurrants …


… and taking them. Although he takes them incredibly fast, he does so very delicately, one at a time. Jean’s fingers aren’t seriously at risk.


This is a wonderful time of year for the chickens. They have a choice of shady fruit trees and bushes (and the chance of a treat) or the open grass on the other side of the run which is full of interesting insects.


And soon the plums will be ripe, and the blackberries, and the apples …

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