New caravan

At last the day came. We collected our nice Bailey Unicorn Madrid from the very excellent Glossop Caravans.

It wasn’t the sunniest of days, and we were glad to get back to our storage site with enough time in hand before dusk to put into practice our handover of the motor mover and security features.

The new Powrtouch motor mover is a significant improvement on our old Rhyno.


And our new roomier site makes life a lot easier too.


As you can see, the despatch sticker was still in the window. I think we can consider it well and truly despatched now.


The new Alko wheel lock is a lot lighter to fit than the old PurpleLine Nemesis, but my goodness, is it a fiddle. The wheel has to be aligned to within a millimetre in order for the bolt to fit into the receiver. Once lined up, it’s a breeze. It took us five goes. With luck we’ll get a bit quicker at it as time goes on!


Pictures of the inside when we go back in better light.

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