Further integration – and a bantam egg!

We took down bowls of warm mash (porridge, cornmeal, and sweetcorn kernels) yesterday evening, since it promised to be a freezing night.


The new Wyandotte clustered round the bowl with the others, so she seemed to have established herself as part of the flock.

The other two remained at a distance, though.

This morning was indeed very cold, so we saw to the water early. To our surprise, we had a bantam egg. It could only have come from the Wyandotte, since she’s the only one old enough.


We let them out for some free-range time. This morning, the black frizzled Poland seems to have chummed up with the chamois one, which is rather nice.


And the Wyandotte is just one of the crowd now.


Which just leaves the Sebright. She didn’t venture out onto the grass. She’s not being bullied, exactly, but she’s very obviously at the bottom of the pecking order. We’re going to give her some special attention in the coming days, and with luck raise her confidence.

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