Happy Chickens, and a Happy New Year!

The weather’s on the turn, although we got a spectacular show of hoar frost again at the allotment.


The Ixworths seen through the wintry bushes:


And the bantams’ enclosure, nicely patterned with frost. The birds are queuing impatiently to be let out, but we need to sort out the Ixworths’ water and top up their food first.


I’m not sure that they’re getting much from the hard ground, but at least it gives them a chance to scratch about for a while. With the introduction of the new black one, the three Polands seem to have formed a little social group of their own.


Everyone seems happy, especially after a nice drink of fresh water. Even the shy Sebright is being tempted to eat from Jean’s hand.


Although the sound of Alfa Mix soon brings a bit of sisterly competition.


And back at home, the Light Sussex are enjoying the sunshine.


So Happy New Year everybody. May it bring you peace, joy, and plenty of fresh eggs!

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