A little air rifle target shooting

I haven’t had a session with the air rifles for a while. First up, my favourite gun, a Weirauch HW100tk in .22 with a Falcon Merlin 4-14x56IR scope:

160517 Airgun 004a

Just a classic. Looks right, feels right, and of course flatters my modest abilities with its accuracy and consistency.

Next a BSA R10 MkII in .177 with a Hawke Panorama 4-12x50IR.

160517 Airgun 003a

I was shooting off a benchrest for zeroing in purposes. I was pleased with the “straight out of the box” results, even before any adjustments were made.

Targets 001a

And I was also delighted to see that indoor range capacity has been more than doubled to include this:

160517 Airgun 006a

There’s going to be some great summer fun. See you at the UK Game Fair in late July!

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