Hadrian’s Wall

It was dry but windy as we walked to the nearby section of Hadrian’s Wall at Walltown. It was a bit of a hike, since the only sections of the wall that haven’t been completely cannibalised for building stones tend to be in rather inaccessible places.

160525 Walltown 010a

Yes, it’s on top of that cliff in the distance. At this point I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it!

On the way to the wall, we passed the quarry from which the stones were originally extracted. It’s now full of water. Huge respect to those men who split the stones and dragged them so far up a steep hill to construct the wall.

160525 Walltown 012a

We eventually made it to the wall itself. It’s enormously thick. No wonder it survived so well.

160525 Walltown 016a

Our climb had been accompanied by sporadic drumming. We spotted the drummers down by the lake, engaged in some sort of ritual. What were they? Picts? Druids? Just guys who fancied a bit of drumming?

160525 Walltown 015a

Just to prove a point, here’s the top of the section of wall, and trophy pictures of the two of us.

160525 Walltown 022a

160525 Walltown 017a

160525 Walltown 021a

Hard work, but what a great afternoon!

One response to “Hadrian’s Wall

  1. The wall does not look that impressive, but I guess it has been deprived of many a stone over the centuries.

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