Father’s Day? Segway!

I was given a fantastic Father’s Day present by my son, whom we were visiting in Hamburg. A Segway tour of the city. I cannot describe how much fun it was, and indeed how easy and natural the Segway is to ride.

We were lucky that the English language version of the tour on Sunday afternoon was undersubscribed, so instead of the usual 8 participants, the three of us had a guide to ourselves.

First faltering steps ...

First faltering steps …

First of all, a big shout out to the excellent Mindways who run the tour. They are very professional indeed. I must admit that my sense of balance isn’t the greatest in the world, so I was a bit nervous about whether I’d be able to master the Segway. But because of the miracle of electronic control, it couldn’t be easier. Within minutes all three of us were slaloming round the cones like professionals.

Hamburg 042a

The tour lasted well over two hours, so we saw a lot. Some places we already knew, but many we didn’t. One or two were even new to Philip.

But one slight sadness is that it was difficult to ride and take pictures at the same time, so all I have is some happy snaps taken were we stopped to take the weight off our feet. Next time I’ll take a GoPro and record the trip on video.

But just to prove we did it …

Hamburg 045a

Hamburg 046a

Hamburg 047a

Hamburg 050a

Hamburg 054a

Hamburg 055a

You can see from the last picture that the sun was getting low as we finished the ride. A perfect end to the weekend.

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